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Australia Wide aerial Service

Drone Surveying & Inspection Services

australia’s Highly Experienced Drone Inspection Company

Green Sky Photography is a CASA Certified and fully insured drone operator.

Our team consists of experts using all DRONE technology for asset inspections, mapping, 3D modeling and reporting. Our aerial services operate in all states and territories throughout Australia. Our mission is to provide our clients with safe, efficient and cost-effective aerial solutions that meet their needs. Our services also extend to drone marketing solutions such as videography collaborations and other types of marketing presentations and campaigns.

Let the power of emerging technology

transform your business


Drone Surveying

Our drone surveys provide accurate and detailed data for industries like construction, agriculture, and land management. From site mapping to volumetric analysis, our expertise transforms drone-captured data into actionable information.


Drone Inspections

Drones are the ultimate game-changers for inspections.  Highlight defects through thermal imaging, close visual inspections or digital twins.  Experience our transformative drone services to safely inspect and report on your assets today.


Drone Marketing

Assisting professionals with one of the most creative visual approaches to marketing, drone captured media offers unique perspectives and high-quality content delivering the most impactful content for all types of products or services.

discover our Wide Range of Drone Services

We offer comprehensive Drone Surveying, Drone inspection & Marketing services, delivered by CASA Certified Professionals.

Drone surveying

Our drones are equipped with LiDAR or Hi Resolution payloads to help capture the data you require for any size project.

Land Surveying, Mapping and 3D Modelling

Our drone technology and equipment are here to service your various needs. From aerial imaging and capturing to topographic mapping and 3D modeling, here at Green Sky we offer a wide range of drone services.

Drone Inspections

At Green Sky Group we offer state of the art drone inspections services from thermal imaging, close visual inspections to digital twins.

Drone Inspections

Helping facilitate more accurate reports and risk assessments, our drone inspection services offer a plethora of benefits. Through close visual inspections to thermal imaging and capturing, we can better assess safety hazards and risk posed in any building or construction projects.

Marketing and Media

Providing you with the opportunity to elevate and benefit your business with our drone captured media.

Drone Marketing

Whatever your marketing needs, we are here to serve. From promotional videos to photography, we only provide the best service and finished projects for commercial, private, or industrial scales.

Real Estate

Unique virtual tours, professional photography and videography that make you feel you are really there in any space, in any place.

Real Estate

Bringing your real estate project into the future, our state of the art drone technology is here to capture your property’s best angles in the most realistic and visually appealing form. Let the photography and videography speak for themselves when it comes to showcasing your property.

drone solutions to help industries work smart and efficient

We are fully committed to helping Australian businesses and organisations find the right drone technology for their specific needs. We use the latest drone technology across a range of services covering everything you need from up high, down low, inside and out. Even underwater.

Our mission is to provide our clients with safe, efficient and cost effective aerial solutions that meet their needs.

We help businesses and organisations across Australia utilise drone technology

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Drone Surveying? Drone Asset Inspections? Marketing & Media. We Do It All.

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“Quick to respond and super helpful. Results speak for themselves. Thank you Green Sky Photography for such a great effort, especially with the timing demand we put on you.”

“Alli and the team at Green Sky Photography went over and beyond for us. Their professionalism is second to none, that is to say we would highly recommend their services.”

“Jamie is a great communicator and he did a fantastic job of our drone photos. He totally anticipated our needs and delivered well and above and in a very short turnaround time. Would definitely recommend using his services..”

“It has been an easy and amazing experience to work with Jamie. He was really responsive and professional. The photos are great and I highly recommend Green Sky Photography Drone Services!.”
JP M. 

“Jamie was a massive help when I needed to rent a drone ASAP, and his advice and guidance throughout the process came at no extra cost, all of which was extremely helpful and useful for further projects.”

“The team from Green Sky Photography were fantastic to deal with. We are a ground-penetrating radar surveying company, and we required a drone on extremely short notice to survey a job in Coober Pedy. Jamie was extremely accommodating.”

“Highly recommend Green Sky Photography Drone services. The company has a reliable and well-communicated professional drone team that we always trust in their skills and professionalism. Their prices are very competitive and the outcome is very detailed and of high quality.”

“Alli & Jamie performed some beautiful and steady low flying over my property. Clear photography and footage. Lovely couple, friendly and happy to answer all my questions. Thanks guys 👌😊.”


“Green Sky exceeded my expectations and I would not hesitate to recommend their services. Jamie communicated well and I am pleased with the range of photos taken.”

“Alli and the team at Green Sky Photography went over and beyond for us. Their professionalism is second to none, that is to say we would highly recommend their services..”

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