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Drone Roof Inspection and Report for a Residential Building


Green Sky was engaged by Apollo CMS to conduct a drone roof inspection and report for a 3-story body corporate residential building. The client needed a comprehensive report on the condition of the roof to plan and prioritize maintenance or repair work.

The Challenge

The property was a multi-story residential building with a complex roof structure, making it difficult to inspect manually. The client required a detailed and accurate assessment of the roof condition to plan and prioritize maintenance and repair work. With the eaves approx. 9.5m off the ground, the traditional inspection method would have required a Elevated Work Platform (EWP) and 2 trades people to safely conduct the inspection.

The Process

Green Sky began by conducting a site survey to assess the property and roof structure. We conducted a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and SWMS (Safe Work Method Statement). We then developed a detailed flight plan that would enable them to capture high-resolution images of the entire roof surface, including any difficult-to-reach areas.

Green Sky used a partner platform to capture the content through an automated flight path that built a 3D model of the roof and provided the measurements of each facet/pitch. This provided an accurate measurement report for the client.

Green Sky also conducted a pilot override flight for a close visual inspection approximately 1-3m off the roof to capture more detailed images of the roof. The images were analysed to generate a focused defect & condition report that identifies and covers all roof facets.

The Result

Within 48 hours of attendance, Green Sky was able to provide an accurate and comprehensive report on the roof condition, including areas that were difficult and unsafe to inspect manually. The report provided the client with the information needed to plan and prioritize maintenance and repair work, ensuring the longevity of the roof and the safety of the building's occupants.

Green Skys drone inspection and report were able to highlight and show the exact location of numerous property issues such as overhanging tress, blocked gutters, deteriorated sealant, cracks in fibro, multiple loose nails & screws, an improperly installed roof sheet, rusted gutters, a broken TV antenna, pooling water, roof sheets installed where they were touching gutters, water damaged vents, mould, and many areas of soft metal damage from hail strikes.

The use of drone technology also minimized the need for manual inspection, reducing the time and cost associated with hiring an EWP and staff resourcing.


Green Sky provided a highly accurate and comprehensive assessment of the body corporate roof condition, providing the client with the information needed to plan and prioritize maintenance and repair work of the defects identified all from a 30 min drone flight.

The client was pleased with the efficiency and accuracy of the drone inspection and report and plans to engage Green Sky for future inspections and maintenance work.

Our client advised that the owner of the property was unaware of the extent of defects found during the inspection. A work plan was put in place to rectify all identified issues, preventing future issues and improving the longevity of the roof.

This case study showcases how drone technology can revolutionize roof inspections, providing a faster and safer alternative to traditional methods. It highlights the potential of drones to streamline the inspection process, capturing high-resolution images of the entire roof surface, including hard-to-reach areas, and generating accurate measurements and defect reports. With the ability to minimize the need for manual inspection, drones offer a more efficient and cost-effective solution, improving safety and efficiency in the process.

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